Today is a WIN!

So, it seems that I just ended September with the best stats I have had…in well over a year. My run goal for 2019 was to hit 30 miles a month, and I have missed that goal a couple of months this year due to my neck injury. However, in September I ran 46.69 miles,... Continue Reading →

Happiness & April 12th…

On April 12, 2019 I hit my 12-year post op anniversary. On April 13th, I ran a 10k and beat my last PR by 2 minutes. When you run, you have a lot of time to just be alone in your head and while this year the anniversary date didn't sneak up on me, I... Continue Reading →

Finding your stride…

Yesterday, after work during my 5k run in the park, I got passed by a gentleman who was literally walking faster than I was running.  He was about a foot taller than me and he had an extremely LONG stride, but even after realizing that, there was still something else about him that stuck out... Continue Reading →

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