#OneBookJuly How I am participating…

One Book, One Pen, One Month

That’s how it all started 4 years ago according to Rhominy, Miss Vickie B, and Carie Harling.  Three very popular #plannercommunity YouTube icons that I follow.

I have always been fascinated with planners, list making and documenting my daily schedule for years now but it was only last July that I even knew of this whole subculture of planners existed!  But even as I started my planner journey with my first Hobonichi Cousin Avec, which I still a devotee of, by the way, I heard rumor of this fabled challenge and I was intrigued.  Thus my fascination with how I would approach my first #onebookjuly began.

There is definitely bias by brand within this amazing community.  You have the Erin Condren & Happy Planner style users, you have the Hobonichi devoted followers, the Travelers Notebook folks and then there are those planners who use ‘rings’.  I started in rings, using Filofax, Day-Timer and Franklin Covey for years because that was all you could find.  The annoyance was every brand had a different ring combination so you rarely could you put Filofax inserts in a Day-Timer, which was so annoying but led you to MacGuyvering inserts with your handy-dandy hole punch!

I was one of those MacGuyvering girls.

I wanted what I wanted when I wanted it.  Thus, imagine my surprise when I discovered the wild, wonderful world of printed and printable inserts on Etsy.  It’s a whole different rabbit hole all of its own, of which I spend far too much time perusing, trying to find the perfect insert that does exactly what I want it to do.

I am now convinced I am going to have to create my own training/workout/food log insert and that’s going to open up yet another black hole of time I will get lost in, but oh how my mind is reeling with possibilities.  Fair warning, some research questions might be coming to the Rebel Athena Facebook page soon, just so I can get some ideas solidified before I embark on THAT idea lol.

#OneBookJuly2018 oh yea that’s what I was talking about…

So, I posted a new video on my YouTube Channel a few days ago How I use all these Travelers Notebooks & How I will condense them for #onebookjuly and I go into what I was currently using and how all that will become one personal sized Filofax Finsbury for the month of July.  You can view the flip-thru of my #onebookjuly set up here. My #OneBookJuly Set-up for 2018

So far so good…but its only been 3 days lol.  I will try my best to keep folks updated weekly in my Sunday videos to talk about how it’s going with #OneBookJuly2018 and how I am also adding the digital portion to my month.  The “theme” this year for the challenge is “Let’s Get Digital” which is adding a digital aspect to your planning and/or journaling.

I am using my iPad Pro and Apple Pencil with a digital planner from Mimi, the newest addition to the Coffee Club, and EveryDayAwesomeTV.  I am using the “2018-2019 Daily Digital Awesome Planner – Monday Start” along with the “Vertical Weekly Spread” and “Habit Tracker” Planner Inserts.  Again, so far so good.

With our newest little addition Tyr, a 2.5-month-old Orange Tabby Kitten, my life has been a little more chaotic than usual and so my ramp up to July 1st was a little delayed and I am still trying to wrangle him, all my planners and my methods for input but it’s coming together and I think by Sunday things will have smoothed out a bit.

I will also say, for those of you waiting for the Rebel Athena’s Podcast, it should be up within the next couple of weeks.  I had HOPED for July 1st, but alas…kittens lol.

I hope July finds you all happy, healthy, and grateful!  I know it has found me that way and my triathlon training is coming along, as well as the Rebel Athena Run Club and me slowly but surely getting Rebel Athenas off the ground.  So thank you for your patience and if you have any questions, please feel free to ask.  I am more than happy to answer anything you like!

See you all very soon…

Amy Graham, The Badass Valkyrie & most Rebellious Athena 🙂

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