18 years…and it seems like only yesterday

On Saturday, Halloween, it will be my 18th Wedding Anniversary.  My husband and I have been together for almost 20 years now, married for 18.  I would venture to say we are happier now than we were when we started and our world just keeps getting better. (Photo was our Wedding Day in 1997 and... Continue Reading →

My first Half Marathon is tomorrow…

2015 Haunted Half Marathon Pack picked up! Not at all feeling how I expected to feel. Yesterday, during my run I was panicked, every doubt I could possibly have and then some floating in my brain pan. "I'm not a real runner". "I am never going to make my time goal". "I'm just going to... Continue Reading →

Figure out what you love…

A while back I wrote up a list of steps that I have gone through which have helped me get where I am today.  I have blogged about many of them and recently I was reminded that it really is all about figuring out what you love! Quit hiding Have a plan Set goals Keep... Continue Reading →

Reminders of the past…

Sometimes in my life I get reminders.  Hints of what my life could have been like, both good and bad.  Yesterday I had one of those reminders. When I got up yesterday morning, it took some time, coffee and 4 episodes of 'Criminal Minds' to get me going.  But once I had my shower I... Continue Reading →

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