Going a little berserk…

"If you want to win anything - a race, yourself, your life - you have to go a little berserk." - George A. Sheehan I haven’t blogged much this year. I haven’t done a lot of what I normally do this year. 2020 was the beginning of a new decade and I thought it would... Continue Reading →

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Today is a GOOD Day!

Since March 13, 2020 a lot of us have been working from home. A lot of us have gone through stages of loss, chaos, despair and disappointment. A lot of us have also found different ways of coping with the stress that comes with a world wide pandemic. My last blog post was at the... Continue Reading →

Once a year…

True to my 2019 Challenge to not have ANY Cocoa-Cola, I ended the year the way I had planned on last New Year's Eve, by having Coke to celebrate the New Year. Greg ended up finding a case of Mexican Coke (made with cane sugar, not corn syrup like the US version) at Sam's Club... Continue Reading →

Why we do the things we do…

Have you ever had a habit that you suddenly wonder why you continue to do it? Last week after my doctor’s appointment and the sudden realization that I had no idea how much protein I consume on a daily basis, I downloaded a couple of food tracking apps to start tracking how much protein I... Continue Reading →

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