A bright moment in the chaos…


Today I hit 50 miles ran in a month. I haven’t done that since August of 2015 when I actually ran 90.13 miles in a month. That was probably the height of my training and I was in the best shape of my life at that time. I hit 51.04 miles in January of 2015 but that was the second highest I’ve been able to hit in a month. September of 2019 I managed 46.69 and had full on planned to hit 50 in October but alas emergency surgery decided to kick my ass that month and I have been trying to regain my momentum ever since.

In January of 2020 I was finally able to get my neck ablation done and it has helped tremendously with everything. February of this year was spent mostly recovering and figuring out how to do this whole running thing again.

Today felt good. I am a slow runner. I am what they call a ‘back of the packer’ and I am 100% perfectly OK with that. I don’t feel the need to compete with anyone but myself these days. And today, I feel like I am on the winning side of that too.

It has been a hard road to get back to where I am right now. Knowing that my body isn’t what it used to be is tough. But knowing that I have hit the my 3rd highest month EVER since I started running in May 2011 makes me happy.

Granted I have been able to do it a lot easier this month because I have been working from home since 3/13/20 but I still had to do the miles. No matter what else is happening around me, no matter how much chaos is in the world right now, having achieved this feels good. It’s a win, and it gives me more energy to hit 60 miles in April. That’s only 2 miles a day, and since I haven’t broken my streak since I started working from home, here’s hoping I hit it as planned.

Right now the world is off the rails, but in a month’s time I have found something that will bolster me through the next month, that will also be spent at home, and give me a bigger goal to hit.

Here’s to a great second quarter of 2020 and a fresh new set of goals!!!

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  1. Hello Amy,

    I had a question as to how you track your runs. I usually use my phone but have found that compared to my friends’ fitbits it may not be very accurate. I want to explore different watches and try to see which may be the best for me. However, I would like your opinion seeing that you are an avid runner.

    Many thanks!



    1. I have the Galaxy S Watch but to track my runs I use Strava and Nike+. I use both because I only started using Strava mid year last year and I’ve used Nike+ since I started running back in 2011. It’s probably not the best use of my battery power but it also gives me a comparison for my runs using both apps and I have my continued ‘legacy’ mileage. If I were to start out using a new app, I would use Strava. It’s compatible with most devices now and unless you go higher end, like a Garmin (which I also have but only use when I am hardcore training for a specific triathlon) Strava works great. I used the free version for almost a year and only recently started to pay for it, just because I wanted to add the extra features it offers. Hope this helps!


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