Today is a GOOD Day!

Since March 13, 2020 a lot of us have been working from home. A lot of us have gone through stages of loss, chaos, despair and disappointment. A lot of us have also found different ways of coping with the stress that comes with a world wide pandemic. My last blog post was at the end of March. I had only been working at home for 2 weeks, and was still under the impression I was going to be back in my office within a couple weeks. Today is May 19, 2020 and I have no idea when I will be able to go back to my office on campus. My husband is working from home 90% of the time, although he does occasionally go back into his office. This week, he gets to go in two days.

The world has changed. No matter what happens, we will not be going back to anything we perceived as “normal” prior to when the pandemic hit. That is the one thing I am fairly certain of.

And that’s OK. I think a lot of us might be surprised at how some of the changes actually improve life as we know it. I know its certainly changed how I plan out my coffee shop after I retire. Contingency plan, contingency plan…contingency plan!

Today I went in to my office for the weekly mail pick-up. No one is there, so I have to visit the post office and get it. Traffic was still fairly light and people seemed upbeat. It was a beautiful drive and really the one time a week I can get out of the house other than going grocery shopping. It was a good day.

I got home and immediately did my daily run. Since March 13, 2020 I’ve been able to get a run in every day, aside from the 3 days Greg and I were in lock down waiting for his Covid-19 tests to come back. He was negative. That was another good day!

I did the harder route today, because I felt good. There are moments in time when I can feel the muscles in my body straining to be let loose, like a wolf, ready to attack. Usually I am in armor when that feeling rises in me, but today, it came out during my run. I got home and as I was writing in my runner’s log, it occurred to me that today might be the day I hit my 90 mile goal.

April 7th some folks in my SCA Household decided to do a virtual race together. It represented the 90 miles along Hadrian’s Wall in England, although the real wall was only 73 miles.  As of today I hit 91.14 miles since April 7th. I received my medal a few weeks back but I refuse to hang a medal until I’ve done the work.


I know many of us are struggling mentally, physically, emotionally and financially and you see a lot of that struggle on social media. Today I wanted to post something positive. Something that gave me reason to get out and run every day. Something fun, something happy, something good.

Today is a GOOD DAY!!!

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