Once a year…

True to my 2019 Challenge to not have ANY Cocoa-Cola, I ended the year the way I had planned on last New Year’s Eve, by having Coke to celebrate the New Year. Greg ended up finding a case of Mexican Coke (made with cane sugar, not corn syrup like the US version) at Sam’s Club the day before we headed up to Boise to celebrate with friends. I ended up popping 2 bottles a little before midnight on 12/30/19 and I stopped around 11pm on 01/01/2020. Adjusting for the 32 oz. soda cups I got on the road both two and from Boise, I ended up drinking all but 1 bottle (technically I have 8 bottles left, which Greg will take to work to get them out of the house). But ounce for ounce, I would have had one bottle left.

This challenge was super hard for me, but I did it. And I am done again for another year. I wish I could report that after the first bottle of ice-cold gloriousness I didn’t want any more. Unfortunately, I still want to go home and pour all 8 bottles down my throat. Right this very minute.

The moment I felt that burn go down my throat I literally said “Hello old friend” and it was 48 hours of nothing but Coke. I even looked at my coffee with disdain “stupid coffee”…yet I drank it because I needed something hot. But I only drank a couple of cups before I grabbed a bottle for my drive to work.

My body doesn’t like me too much, not drinking water for 48 hours, and there were some minor sleep issues…but all in all, its still a good plan for me. Granted I didn’t think I would stretch it out for 48 hours but I am an adult, and I can change my own arbitrary rules whenever I choose to.

So we are back on the wagon, and going cold turkey again until next New Year’s Eve. We will see where I am at then, and if I have no desire to partake of the glorious liquid of love, then I won’t. But I reserve the right to have 2 days of pure, unadulterated revelry if I want it.

Until then, I profusely apologized to my wonderfully amazing coffee this morning and thanked it for staving off a caffeine headache and giving me clarity so that I could make my way into work once again.

Coffee, water, tea…and the occasional hard cider. That’s what 2020 will bring. And for that I am eternally grateful.


A Cocoa-Cola Addict…

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