You Can Do This…Don’t Give Up!

Today is National Ditch Your New Year’s Resolutions Day – January 17, 2020

Let me clarify things. Today you have made it 17 days into the new decade. If you’re like me, it’s taken a bit of time to solidify your habits, routines, and processes for the new year. I would dare say most of us have already set goals, written out lists and might have even gone so far as to draw out bullet journal spreads in hopes of making those new habits stick.  And yet…here we are. The average date that most folks give up.

Well, I am here to challenge you to double down instead!

That’s right! Add something more to your list instead of giving up. Let that something else be FUN, Totally Random and easily accomplished! Find a WIN.

I thought long and hard about the things I want to get accomplished in 2020 and beyond. For the first time, I have even thought about how some of my goals will affect me well into my retirement years, something up until now I had never done.

I want you to give yourself some leeway, some gratitude and yes, some well-deserved FUN!

My list of goals for 2020 is not complete. Nor did I think they were complete when 01.01.2020 rolled across my calendar. I full-on plan to have at least 20 goals by the beginning of February. What I don’t plan on are any goals being crossed off or ‘ditched’ because I am taking the entire month of January to fine-tune my goals. I have found that this takes the pressure off and I can try a few scenarios and see if what’s in my head, actually works within my REAL LIFE SCHEDULE.

I love figuring out goals, how I will accomplish them and then dream about basking in the limelight of being able to check a fucking box off at the end of the year. Yes…I know, it’s a beautiful dream.

But I also know that what I have written down for January, and even February, may not be how the ledger of my life works out in December. That’s a full 11.5 months away and right now, I can’t even tell you what I’m going to wear tomorrow.

So, I hope that you will not DITCH anything without giving it a full month’s chance. And if you know, already, in your heart of hearts, that something is NOT working for you, adjust it so that it CAN work for you, if the reasoning is still there to do it. Give that list you spent time on, brainpower on and lots of thought into a chance. See how it feels come February, and then, if you still can’t see yourself doing it, THEN adjust it.

Change is hard. Super hard. And right now, a lot of the stress, overwhelm and discontent with your list may simply be that you are stretching yourself and trying something new. The new things aren’t as comfortable as your old habits, not nearly as familiar or easy to do. That’s not what goals and yes I will say it (resolutions) are for. If you want to grow into someone different, you have to be willing to change what you are doing. Albert Einstein said, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.”

We all want to change if we decided on new goals…so stick around a little longer and figure out how to do it…instead of giving up.

I am right there with you, hoping for something new, something outside the ordinary, something better…for both of us.

You can do this.

You are stronger than you think.

I promise.

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