My Three R’s…

Reset. Refresh. Restart.

That’s how June typically goes for me.  I spend the month resetting myself, my priorities, my body, and my mind. Even though this year is a bit different than the last 5 years, as I am not coming off an exhausting fighting campaign, I still find myself ready to get my fresh start to the second half of 2018.

I like having milestones within in the year, dates that spark thought and evaluation. 2018 has been a bit of a rollercoaster for me, I’m not gonna lie but as I am reaching the last month in the first half of this year, I am ready to rocket forward and start the 2nd half with a bang!

As I begin taking stock of the first half of 2018, I immediately start to feel bad, my spirit drops and I see ALL THE THINGS I FAILED TO FINISH! That’s at least what hits me first.  I am not sure why I can’t seem to focus on the positives THEN the negatives lol, it’s just how my brain works I guess.  But even with the long list of things I wanted to get done and didn’t, there’s still a LOT of work that has gone on for the past 5 months, not to mention an abundant amount of sickness, surgery, and recovery.  Thus, I am not so quick to sweep these “failures” under the proverbial rug now.

Preplanning a lot of things at the start of the year has been quite the lesson for me. The fact that I “wrote it in ink” signaled my brain that it has to be done or we don’t get to check off that box.  (Secondary lesson…literally quit drawing boxes, if you want to stop this habit).  ((Tercheary lesson, learn how to deal with empty boxes if you must have them!)).

So here I sit, May 30th, lots of little boxes not checked, my data-driven brain is going a little wonky over missed stats, but for the most part, I forgive myself for what didn’t get done and I will move unfinished items forward. (Little Arrows for EVERYBODY!)

A year ago I wouldn’t have been able to write those last two paragraphs. I wouldn’t have been able to admit my failures not even to myself.  I had it in my mind that since I had hit 50 I was running out of time, I had to do ALL THE THINGS and never EVER admit defeat!

What a difference a year makes.

I realize I am entering the second half of my life, that my retirement may or may not sustain my little family and there’s not much hope of pimping out the furkids, so let’s come up with a plan.

I have run the gamut of what I want to do with the future half of my life and while my dream job of International Spy Administrative Support isn’t quite in my wheelhouse, I have been looking at other ‘side hustles’ and have a few things up my sleeve.

I am focusing more on entrepreneurial endeavors and I am excited about what my future might bring but for now, I am trying several things out to see how they fit. Who knows where this rogue will land, and that excites me, although it does wreak havoc with planning world domination.

As it stands I figure if I look at things in 6-month chunks, I can plan accordingly (world domination aside). It’s easier to manage, it’s actionable and I can “little box everything in INK”, plus having a planner that gives you a fresh new book every 6 months comes in handy!

Here’s to the second half of 2018, may you find yourself ready to Reset, Refresh and Restart!

I know my amazing world is just getting better and I am looking forward to riding this big blue marble as long as I possibly can…

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