Figure out what you love…

A while back I wrote up a list of steps that I have gone through which have helped me get where I am today.  I have blogged about many of them and recently I was reminded that it really is all about figuring out what you love! Quit hiding Have a plan Set goals Keep... Continue Reading →

Reminders of the past…

Sometimes in my life I get reminders.  Hints of what my life could have been like, both good and bad.  Yesterday I had one of those reminders. When I got up yesterday morning, it took some time, coffee and 4 episodes of 'Criminal Minds' to get me going.  But once I had my shower I... Continue Reading →

Fuel Your Body…

Last night, as I pulled out all the medications and supplements my husband Greg & I take, I decided to sort them.  On the right side were all my bottles.  On the left side were all of Greg's and in the middle were the ones we both take.  I am currently on 3 prescribed medications,... Continue Reading →

Dragon*Con 2015

To describe one of the biggest fan run Fandom conventions in the USA as simply awesome would be the most glaring understatement I could possibly make.  Dragon Con is a study of human entertainment, a socialization experiment gone to the extreme, and the most epic Labor Day weekend you could possibly have. This year it... Continue Reading →

Just Keep Going…

This past week has been one of the hardest weeks I have had to endure in quite a while.  Not only did I have a rough week breathing due to horrible air conditions over the past weekend, I also had to put my puppy down this past Monday.  Macho has been with Greg & I... Continue Reading →

Have A Plan…step two!

Having a plan is sometimes the ONLY thing that keeps me going on those days that either my body or my mind try to convince me that all I really need to be is lazy.  You may not follow the plan exactly, but having one is better than floundering around and getting nothing accomplished at... Continue Reading →

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