Always be true to yourself…

Dr. Seuss has said many things that have meant a lot to me over the years.  He was a wise man who had a wild imagination and a wonderful gift.  In today's world, I think we could all use a little less judgement and a lot more Seuss! I have noticed, far too much recently,... Continue Reading →

I Want To Feel Life…

A few days ago a wonderfully amazing man shared 5 words with me that resonated like nothing has before.  Austin's text simply said "I want to feel life".  Regardless of what he was replying to me about, that text stood out from everything else.  In fact, I kept going back to it, and re-reading it,... Continue Reading →

Back to Training…finally!

I got back from my orthopedic doctor yesterday and finally was able to breath a sigh of relief!  He took me out of my splint and said I should be fine to start strengthening my hand & wrist and most importantly, I can start my weapons training again! It has been several months since I... Continue Reading →

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