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This is the home for my new Podcast “Rebel Athenas”.  The Podcast will highlight Athena class athletes from all levels of experience from Beginners to Triathletes to Fighters and beyond. If you are looking into starting your own Athena journey, regardless of your sport or you are a bariathlete looking for ideas on how to start moving your body, this podcast is for you!

My Origin Story, Part 1

I am Amy Graham and I have gone from being over 450 pounds to becoming an International Sword Fighter for Team USA to transitioning into Triathlons. I had no idea what an Athena class athlete was until I ventured into the world of tri’s but now I know I’ve been one all my life and I think its about time this classification went viral!

I want to bring you along on this discovery journey into the world of triathlons and also share with you the experiences I have had from being a super-sized, morbidly obese woman to where I am today, which is still classified as obese even though I’ve lost over half of my body mass.  I dove into the world of armored steel combat 5 years ago and haven’t looked back since.  I have led 2 USA Women’s Teams to the World Championships in 2 different leagues and I have now taken a step back and semi-retired from competitive fighting, only to enter the world of triathlons, mainly as a sport that would be kinder to my body.  Odd how fighting men and women from all over the world with steel weapons can take its toll on you!

At age 51, technically only a few months from 52, I’m still trying to wrap my head around what my body’s capable of and how I handle major & minor setbacks, both in my training and in how my body reacts. Changing my training routines from my initial start into exercise almost 13 years ago after my gastric bypass surgery to training to become a sword fighter to now transitioning into how I can maintain my muscle memory for fighting and still try out this new sport of tri’s, which is running, swimming and biking, all in one event.

Over the past 5 years, I’ve put my body through hell, to put it mildly, and I have learned some valuable lessons, especially on what NOT to do and hopefully, you’ll find these little bits of wisdom helpful, and if not at least a little bit entertaining.  I am now finding myself learning all sorts of things, from why I shouldn’t use a diving wetsuit for open swims to learning all the ins and outs of what to wear during a triathlon.  Then there’s the equipment needs and just wait till we get into seat selection!

All in all, Life is a journey and I’ve honestly had one hell of a ride so far and it only continues to get better.

I hope you join me on this crazy experience and let’s see where we end up!

Amy Graham – The Badass Valkyrie


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  1. I can’t wait to hear about your Triathlon experience as i did that once upon a time before kid #3 … then after kid #4 I decided roller derby would be more fun than going back to Tri’s. Currently I am a blob and 12 days away from being 49 and I think it is time to change the ‘blob’ categorization. You are definitely a Shero that leads by example that we can choose the life we live. thank you for that.

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