Welcome to the Adventures of one Bad Ass Valkyrie!

After much contemplation and even more urging by friends and fans, I have decided to streamline my fighting adventures into one main path.  For the past few months I have been toying with different ideas, different hashtags, different nicknames to try and get the feel for what I truly wanted to do.

One name kept coming back to me.  Bad Ass Valkyrie.  Its what I have been called.  Its who I have become.  Its truly, without a doubt Me.  So, today I waded through the bog of social media sites and made sure I could announce this with at least 90% consistency that I am Amy Graham, Bad Ass Valkyrie.

Official Athlete Fan Page: http://www.facebook.com/badassvalkyrie

Official Email Address: badassvalkyrie@gmail.com

Official Instagram Account: instagram.com/badassvalkyrie/

Official YouTube Page: UCTB10JLcUMpqlVmRqhbfAKQ (I have to wait 30 days for a custom URL)

and of course Twitter had to be the one bad apple in the bunch but I managed to change that to @badass_valkyrie which I am still happy with.

So now, I am out there.  Officially out there.  As an Athlete.  I never thought I would ever consider myself that.  Or have fans.  But I do.

And its pretty damn awesome!

Thank you…Truly!


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