Inspiration comes in many forms…

The Huntress

She can be hunted, but she will never be prey.  She can take a trophy as easily as she will provide for her pack.  Within that pack there may be other prime alpha females, but their responsibilities are all different than hers.  They coincide with one another for the benefit of the pack, for its sheer survival.  Each one could hunt if needed, but they are not a Huntress.  Conversely, a huntress can step into many roles, but she will always be a Huntress.

She knows when other hunters are close, it sets something off within her.  Attitude, posture, even her scent, changes, more so if that hunter is another Huntress.  Both Alpha in their own right, they will either acknowledge one another and tread lightly, sniffing each other out, determining whether the other is there to hunt, to challenge or to simply observe.  Or they immediately guard their own territory, defining it as they protect, letting the other Huntress know they are not welcome and to move on, what is there has been claimed.

That protective posture can be as simple as a look, a stance or a word of advice.  Or it can come as a challenge.  The Huntress is not the guardian of the den.  She is not the nurturer of the young, the knowledge giver or the provider.  She can be these things when needed, but it’s not what she is made for.  She is something else completely.  The Huntress enjoys the challenge, she feels most alive in the fight.  She claims trophies in one sense or another.  Another huntress trying to claim one of her trophies or tries to take her prey infuriates her when a challenge is not initiated, because there is no fight, no right to win.

She will hunt when necessary to provide for her pack.  She will hunt for sport if she feels the need or desires something.  She will hunt when asked and submit to other alpha females in different roles but never think she is being docile, she submits by her choice, not others decision.  She will hunt because she is ALWAYS the Huntress.

She has a chosen mate or prefers one mate over others.  Yet she will also allow herself to be claimed by other hunters as she or they desire.  The need to hunt is primal for both, but the Huntress likes control, so even when she gives in, she never truly gives that up.

No matter how much she hunts, there is always a need that must be satisfied within the chase.  A predator, new prey, a challenge or a threat will set her instincts off and it cannot be controlled until she has satisfied that need inside her.  Yet that satisfaction is usually temporary, until it comes time to choose a different position in the pack, and even then, it may not work if she cannot control her primal instincts.

She controls her world by the choices she makes.  You may see her as subservient or submitting, but in reality, she is setting the stage the way she wants it.  She prefers control, but if others have it, she willingly serves so that she has control over as much of her world as she can gain, that is her nature.  You may see her be silent and assume compliance.  Yet she is waiting, watching, calculating the threat and studying her objective, whether its prey, hunter or challenger.

The Huntress acknowledges her instincts.  She embraces them.  She knows how to recognize that primal instinct in others and she is very aware when they recognize it within her.  That is part of the hunt, part of the challenge and part of the thrill that hunters crave.  They want to conquer, to overcome, to win.  Their desire is not in the kill, but in the challenge of the hunt.  For a Huntress to allow herself to be a trophy is rare, and that sends the greatest message of all, whether the hunter claims her once or many times over, acknowledgement is the key factor.

Some do not know how to embrace being a hunter or huntress within themselves.  When the winds change and that scent is in the air, there are those that feel the need to hunt, the desire to hunt, but have no idea why or even recognize it for what it is.  They have not broken free yet, but could.

Being kept from the hunt is torture for the Huntress, whether self-imposed or forced.  If forced to comply, it’s only a matter of time before she tries to break free.  Seeing others hunt, while being kept subdued never works, neither for a Huntress or the one trying to subdue her.  Allowing the Huntress to embrace her primal instincts is always the wisest choice; otherwise you risk her going Feral.

The Huntress will always find a way to survive…

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