50 Firsts before my 51st…

December 13, 2016 I started my 50th year on this planet.

I have made many different plans on what I wanted to do for my 50th birthday but none of them seemed ‘quite right’. Traditionally, I have started the first day of December with Amypalooza…its just a big count down to my birthday on the 13th…sort of my own version of the 12 Days of Amy so to speak.

Birthdays growing up were never a big deal in my family, thus as I grew older and was able to celebrate them as I choose, I like being able to have a big celebration if I want to.  I know had Greg and I ever had kids, we had planned on big birthday parties every other year, and small dinners with one or two friends the off years.  Greg always had huge parties and he got to a point he didn’t like them…so a balance of the two seemed like the best idea.  I have always felt that celebrating the day of your birth is important…as are surprises, presents, flowers and hugs!  But I’m just that kind of woman…

This year was the big Five-O for me.  I wanted to do something special since I was never meant to see this birthday.  I thought of photo shoots, coffee table books, calendars, tshirts, and every other crazy idea I could imagine.  Then, I knew what I wanted to do.

50 Firsts before my 51st.     (FYI Greg came up with the great title)

Over the course of this next year I will do 50 things I have never done before and hopefully document them in a way that I can put them into a coffee table book that I can have for the next 50 years.  I asked a few of my older friends what they did to celebrate their 50th birthday and some had a party, some went to dinner, some didn’t acknowledge it and some…to my HUGE surprise…had no idea what they’d done.  They couldn’t remember!!!

Those of you that have known me for more than 15 minutes realize I am not someone who will turn 50 quietly.  FUCK THAT!!!

So yes, I will have several actual photo shoots, I will have a big damn party (thank you to the bestest friend on the planet for hosting it in Boise this weekend) and I will shout it from the top of the tallest pyramids I can find…literally!!!

I am 50.  I am a fighter and I am MIGHTY!!!

In my short first video blog (vlog) I have attached, you will see me get a little emotional.  I can tell you the energy, the power, the strength and the love that I felt on top of the Teotihuican Pyramid of the Sun in Mexico City was pretty amazing and I am glad this whole crazy adventure started there.


So the list stands as follows: 2 Down, 48 to go!

50 Firsts before my 51st

  1. Climb an Ancient Pyramid (I climbed 3 actually)
  2. Eat A Bug (I ate a cricket and Ant Larvae, those will count for something damn it!)


I have a few more that I know will happen like getting my first tattoo done out of the country, hopefully seeing a new country or two (Mexico didn’t count since I had been there in college technically).  Running my first Spartan Race in June.  Meeting some of my birth family this summer, and maybe even Harry Potter World for my 20th Wedding Anniversary.

We will see where this Adventure takes me…my life is pretty damn fantastic and honestly I am more blessed than I ever thought I would deserve but I know I am exactly where I should be, doing what I should be doing and that’s a very powerful feeling.

Even at just a few months ago I was pondering just how long I have left in the fighting arena, yet now, with new training methods and some possible breakthroughs in technology, I no longer dread the end, because I can see myself fighting longer than I ever have before.  I don’t worry as much about fighting women half my age and half my size, I fight my own fight.  I train my own body.  I am the athlete I am supposed to be, and if that doesn’t fit into your views of who I should be, that’s your own opinion.  I fight for myself, no one else.  I lead a group of women fighters who train for themselves, who fight for themselves and who can stand alone against all odds.  We all choose to come together and become a team who fights for our Country and will defend one another at all costs.  That is a powerful thing and I am proud to be a part of it.

This grand adventure has no limits, no negatives and no boundaries.  Celebration is the order of the day and I plan to embrace it ALL.  If I can eat a cricket in a cave after climbing ancient ruins, surrounded by people I love…I can do pretty much anything!

So buckle up folks…its gonna be one hell of a ride!!!




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